Black Balsam
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5 suspense 2022 United States

Director: Heath Franklin
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A couple find their dream home in the North Carolina mountains. But dreams turn to nightmares when the son of the deceased owner, is about to become homeless and takes revenge on those about to take his lifelong home.

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Josie Davis
Josie DavisEllen Roth
Emily Topper
Emily TopperCaitlin Roth
Mark Ashworth
Mark AshworthWes Goins
Thom Gossom Jr
Thom Gossom JrSheriff Bensen
David Schifter
David SchifterSergeant Ashton
Neala Cohen
Neala CohenKimberly Meadows
Ryan Baughman
Ryan BaughmanSutton Roth
Lisa Lackey
Lisa LackeyMissing Girl


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